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How much baggage can you accommodate?
Normally 1 suitcase and 1 carry on bag as per airline requirements.  If you have extra baggage requirements we would need to be advised on booking in order to accommodate.
Do you have baby seats / booster seats?
Yes we can supply baby seats and or booster seats as required.  These need to be ordered at time of booking.
If our flight is delayed how do we let you know and will you wait for us?
Yes we check your flight regularly and will make the necessary changes in times.
When is payment required?
We have Eftpos, Visa or Mastercard machines in our vehicle.  Payment is required at the start of the trip.  If you would like to pay in advance we can supply you with bank details.
Will we be the only passengers or do we have to share?
You will be the only passengers meaning no other stops or delays on the way unless requested then we can accommodate other stops for you.
Can I eat or drink in the shuttle?
Eating, drinking and smoking are all prohibited in the vehicle with the exception of babies bottle feeding.
What if I need to change dates, times or cancel for some reason?
If you need to change your booking date/time that is not a problem, we would appreciate as much notice as possible.  Cancellations however must be made within 24 hours notice or they will need to be paid in full.

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A2B Shuttle  is a privately owned service and is fully Operator Accredited with the Queensland Department of Transport.